Why is it so important to have a structure

Why is it so important to have a structure

When it comes to interview preparation, the truth is that no one can be 100% prepared. There is no product out there that can promise to train a student to answer perfectly every single possible question. What is more important is to have a structure in place that will help you to process your ideas and your thoughts to answer the majority of potential questions. In doing so, even when you have absolutely no idea what is the “right” answer, at least your response is cohesive and it flows. Furthermore, it shows to your interviewer that you have an organised thought process.

The importance of having a structure translates to the way doctors think when they work. If a senior doctor quizzes me “what are some of the differential causes of a headache?” Well using my mneumonic (VITAMIN D) I have a structure that I use to answer that question. There are Vascular causes (eg. Strokes), Infective causes (meningitis, encephalitis), Trauma, Autoimmune causes (lupus), Metabolic causes (electrolyte disturbances), Idiopathic causes, Neoplastic causes (brain tumours, paraneoplastic source) and Drug causes. Without a structure, it would be significantly harder to conjure a substantial list of differentials and furthermore it would not reflect a organised thought process.

At Medahead we train our students to be flexible in their ability to answer interview questions. We can say without a doubt that if you are someone who will memorise specific answers word for word, you will crash and burn. Our holy grail comes from the structure that we teach.

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